Message from the Director

 The purpose of competition in “Sport” is not only the competition for the gold medal but the competition have to be cleaned fro the athletes’s inner.
“Clean Sport” make people have an integrity, moral, and ethics.
People who have sportsmanship will make our world beautiful, peaceful, and harmonious.
As the National Doping Control Centre (NDCC) is the only one laboratory in South East Asia and among 32 laboratories in the world, we will maintain the standard of accreditation to make sure that all of the competition and the athletes in our lovely country and this region free of prohibited substances. We intend to step forward to be the Leader in Asia by using our experiences and our staff’s commitment.
  Supornchai Kongpatanakul,M.D.,
Associate Professor, National Doping Control Centre. Mahidol University

Message from Director 2010 – 2014

Fame and ‘fortune’ are the main reasons why some athletes attempt to get an edge over their competitors by using prohibited drugs and prohibited methods.  We, on the other hand, urge all athletes to take into account the embarrassment of being found out, in addition to the ill effects the drugs usually have on the body.
We have witnessed several heart-breaking moments when athletes were penalized for using drugs and realized too late that they had taken a wrong turn. As one of the WADA accredited laboratories, we are trained and equipped to detect all prohibited drugs used in sport.  It is part of our responsibility to urge athletes to refrain from doping, because if you use them, we’ll find them.
 Nopadol CHAIKUM,
Director, National Doping Control Centre. Mahidol University

Message from Acting Director 2009 – 2010

 I believe that the Contre contributes to the Sport community of Thailand ensuring that athletes are drug free at all times, and to the scientific community  through our research in drug analysis and detection.Although our main task is the
monitoring and detection of use of prohibited substances by athletes, we also provide analytical services in the area of toxicology and consultation regarding problems in drug detection.
As part of Mahidol University, we provide the same quality and integrity of a leading world educational institution.
Our motto is:
Performance Without Drug
Detection Without Prejudice
Analysis Without Error
Prapin  Wilairat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor , National Doping Control Centre. Mahidol University

  Message from the Director 1995 – 2009

It is our pride and dignity to be at Mahidol University
It is my pride and dignity to be at the National Doping Control Centre
More than 10 years of the outstanding services, we have contributed our effort to the fair play, ethics of sport, and the standard of sport society in Thailand. During that period, we confronted with success, failure and various kinds of challenges. Today we are proud that we are member of NDCC, one among not many accredited doping control laboratories in the world.
Justify from the capability and competency of each individual member of NDCC. I am convinced that NDCC can main our statuswith continually progressive development. Ultimately, we can be in the front row of the laboratories in the same familyin the very near future. This is one of the factor supporting Mahidol University to be one of the top 100 universities of the world.
Tongtavuch Anukarahanonta, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, National Doping Control Centre. Mahidol University